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The Bear and the Piano

We are delighted to offer you the chance to hire or buy a copy of The Bear and the Piano.


A Carrot Productions commission, David Lichfield’s award-winning tale of music, friendship and adventure was made into a stunning motion book in 2017.


With original music by Daniel Whibley played by our orchestra, and a narration recorded by superstar Joanna Lumley, this entrancing creation has become a firm favourite for all ages. 

How to watch

Simply scroll down and watch the trailer below


Desktop viewers can use the button "From £1.99" at the top right of the video, but all viewers (including mobile) can use the button beneath the video to go to Vimeo to hire or purchase (donations are only made on purchases).


You can choose to watch the film from this page, or from the Vimeo website, and it can be viewed on computers, devices and TVs. 

The Bear and the Piano

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