Personal Assistance and Accessibility

We offer a personal assistance scheme for all our performances which enables those coming to an event in need of assistance to claim a ticket for a personal assistant at no charge.


This is eligible to customers who meet the criteria below and purchase a ticket at full value if they would be unable to attend an event without the active support of another person. Personal assistant tickets are available for those with one or more of the following:

• Disability Living Allowance

• Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

• Attendance Allowance

• Personal Independence Allowance

• A certificate of visual impairment

• Official / Documented evidence that I am registered as severely sight impaired (blind)

• UK-recognised identification for an assistance dog

To make arrangements, please contact the ticket issuer for the venue you want to attend.

31 May 2020 - Bristol Hippodrome, UK

ATG Tickets – visit

4 and 5 Septemeber 2020 - Aukland, New Zealand

Aukland Philharmonic Orchestra – email

Contacting Carrot Productions

We are sorry that we can't offer a phone number to contact us on. Our schedule means that we are quite often busy with the tour during the day times (and preparing for it before hand), however, we promise we respond to every email!

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