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Rachel Whibley: a profile

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Rachel co-founded Carrot Productions in 2014 following 5 sell-out performances of The Snowman with live orchestra in her home town of Glossop.

Subsequently, she has built the business to such an extent that Carrot Productions is now the world’s leading performers of both The Snowman and Wallace & Gromit with live orchestra, and is at the forefront of family orchestral entertainment.

She is passionate about creating opportunities for the highest quality music to be heard by people of all ages, particularly those new to classical music, and to foster collaborations between artists of different mediums to create new and exciting pieces, resulting in highly acclaimed and popular new works.

Rachel constantly strives to produce the best possible experiences, both for audience members and our superb musicians. Relishing a challenge, she has dynamic plans for Carrot Productions’ future, developing compelling new shows for families and children.

Visit Rachel's Linkedin profile for more information.


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