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Wallace & Gromit: In Concert

Aardman have created something very special in their animations for this totally unique show. The second half features The Wrong Trousers film with live orchestra, but there’s so much more to enjoy before that in the first half.

We see Wallace & Gromit on the big screen via a video link to their dressing room backstage, where the pair interact with the presenter on the stage through an invention called a Maestromatic. This fantastical contraption comes complete with a plate of cheese and crackers and a chute for receiving letters and compositions from Wallace.

A new musical composition by Wallace is due to be played by the end of the night, called "My Concerto in Ee, Lad" (of course!).

Wallace has invented a mechanised petrol-powered piano called the pianomatic to play the tune, but the invention backfires on itself and the piano, along with his concerto, is destroyed. Gromit (aka Poochini) ends up saving the night, but we won’t give the game away by telling you how he does it.

It’s an action-packed experience that’s been designed to appeal to all ages. There are montages comprising clips of Wallace’s love encounters with Wendolene, Piella and Lady Tottington, and exciting chase scenes from all 5 W&G films – including THE best train chase ever! – all with fantastic live music to bring them to life.

As an extra bonus for 2021, there’s a brand new montage featuring Shaun the Sheep, celebrating his progression from his first appearance in A Close Shave, through his many escapades in Mossy Bottom, and all the way to his starring role in the recent feature film, Farmageddon.

There are antics galore from our singing and cello-playing presenter, Matthew Sharp, on the platform (including a very special rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody), and just wait until you see what our musicians are wearing...


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