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The Snowman Tour | Carrot Productions

Production and music hire

Our productions and the music we perform are available for hire to promoters, venues and orchestras worldwide, 

Production hire

We offer a variety of hire options from full touring production to materials only.

All our production hire options include music, film rights, showbook and publicity materials.

See our list of ready-to-hire productions below.

Music hire

The music from our productions is also available to hire for concert performances.

Our music is available in a variety of orchestrations from symphony orchestra to chamber groups.

See the music that's available in our productions below.

Bespoke hire

Our catalogue of music and productions can be tailored to meet your needs.


We can also work with our Musical Director as well as partner ensembles to find something that works for you.

Just get in touch!

The Snowman Tour | Carrot Productions

The Snowman Tour

Carrot Productions is proud to be the world’s leading orchestral company to stage The Snowman, amounting to almost a third of global performances. Our shows also include films and music to perform alongside the iconic Christmas film, ensuring captivating and proven family entertainment.

Music and programmes

The selection of music from The Snowman Tour includes:


Christmas Overture; Guide to the Orchestra; The Bear and the Piano; A Donkey's Tale; Cinderella; Snowman Waltz; The Snowman

Wallace & Gromit: In Concert | Carrot Productions

Wallace & Gromit: In Concert

In partnership with Aardman, we are delighted to now offer our award-winning Wallace & Gromit: In Concert show in a variety of five options to best suit your requirements.

Music and programmes

The selection of music from Wallace & Gromit: In Concert includes:


Wallace & Gromit theme tune; Shaun the Sheep, Romance and Action montages; Baroque Lights (inc. music by Mozart, Handel and Vivaldi); Introduction to the orchestra; Double Concerto for Cello/Violin and Dog; choice of one of the Wallace & Gromit shorts – A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers or A Matter of Loaf and Death.

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