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The Snowman Tour

Personal Assistance and Accessibility

In the UK, we offer a personal assistance scheme for all our performances, enabling people in need of assistance to claim a ticket for a personal assistant at no charge.


This is eligible to customers who meet the criteria below, purchase a ticket at full value, and would be unable to attend an event without the active support of another person. Personal assistant tickets are available for people with one or more of the following:

• Disability Living Allowance

• Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

• Attendance Allowance

• Personal Independence Allowance

• A certificate of visual impairment

• Official / Documented evidence of a severe sight impaired (blind)

• UK-recognised identification for an assistance dog

To make arrangements, or if you want to enquire about accessibility with a non-UK venue, please contact the ticket issuer for the venue you wish to attend.

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