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The Bear and the Piano

This beautifully-illustrated tale of music, friendship and adventure was first brought to the big screen in 2017, in a film specially commissioned by Carrot Productions. Perfectly capturing the essence of the original book, it proved an instant hit with audiences of all ages.


With music by Daniel Whibley played live by our wonderful orchestra, and a narration recorded by superstar Joanna Lumley, this entrancing creation has quickly become a favourite with both audiences and musicians alike.

"One of the most beautiful performances we have ever seen"
"Stunning story and music "
Joanna LumleyRankin .jpg

Joanna Lumley

"In the tradition of Peter and the Wolf and The Snowman, The Bear and the Piano is an enchanting story told with glorious music, and is a bewitching treat for all ages. I am 109 and read the tale aloud and felt as though I were seven again. Delicious!"

David Litchfield

"Seeing my book The Bear and The Piano come to life on the big screen – with an amazing orchestra playing live and in such amazingly beautiful locations – was a totally incredible experience. Sharing that experience with thousands of other people in the audience was like living in a dream.


And hearing the legend that is Joanna Lumley narrate the book was the absolute icing on the cake with a cherry on top. This has been a real highlight of my life so far. I’m beyond delighted that people around the world will now have the chance to see this stunning film."


Daniel Whibley

"My inspiration came from the beautiful illustrations and heartwarming story: from the sounds and remoteness of the huge forest to the energy of the big city, and from the first tentative attempts at playing the piano, to the bear becoming an international superstar. I have interspersed my own music with a few well known piano pieces that I hope bring the story to life."

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Hire this show

The Bear and the Piano and accompanying score is now available for venues and orchestras to hire worldwide.

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