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Official Images

Aardman have given permission for the following images to used. Please ensure that when using these images, the credit – © and TM Aardman/W&G Ltd. All rights reserved – is displayed in an appropriate place (as close as possible) to them. 

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Official Wallace and Gromit Logos

Special logos in thumbnail, banner and square proportions have been prepared. 

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Official flyers and posters

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The Picture House Orchestra images

The following images can be downloaded and used to market Wallace & Gromit In Concert.

The Picture House Orchestra information

Find out more about the orchestra here...

Videos and Trailers

Wallace & Gromit: In Concert Trailer (Youtube)

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Sting Video (shorter)

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Model Making Workshops

Gromit Model Making workshops offer a rare chance to ask questions about Aardman Studios from one of their expert model makers, and learn the tricks of the trade about the animation processes involved in their award-winning films. These workshops provide a creative, fun and hands-on activity for all ages.

Model Making video


Wallace & Gromit: In Concert – Brochure Copy

Please copy and paste the following copy for use in brochures and adverts. Please try to match header/body differentiation as much as possible. If you require shorter or longer versions, please contact marketing@carrotproductions.com

Wallace & Gromit: In Concert

A cracking live orchestral show for the whole family!

Join everyone's favourite dynamic duo for a special screening of The Wrong Trousers with live orchestra. With an introduction featuring classic Aardman film clips accompanied by classical and popular music, watch as Wallace prepares to perform his Music Marvel – My Concerto in Ee Lad – with help from his faithful, canine companion, Gromit... what could possibly go wrong?

The Snowman Tour Marketing

if you also need to market future Snowman performances, please see the Marketing Page for The Snowman.

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