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Production and Music Hire

Carrot Productions partner with exceptional creatives to produce engaging, compelling, crowd-pleasing shows. These shows are now available to hire. We offer organisations, orchestras and venues bespoke hire packages, ranging from full productions to individual films and scores.

Contact us with any questions about hiring our products

Peter and the Wolf film image.png

Peter and the Wolf

This classic musical introduction to the instruments of the orchestra is paired with a superb, brand-new animated film of the fairy tale, to further engage the audience. 


The perfect addition to any family concert, this show package includes the brand-new animated film and text for narration, together with a variety of orchestral arrangements of Prokofiev's symphonic masterpiece. Peter & the Wolf can be hired in a stand-alone capacity, or combined with any of our other family content to create a full length concert.

We offer various arrangements, suitable for different orchestral forces:

Original Instrumentation – | | Timps | Perc | Strings | Narrator
Alternative Instrumentation – | | Timps | Perc | Strings | Narrator (works perfectly alongside The Snowman)
Sextet Arrangement – | | Piano
Bespoke instrumentation is also possible (extra fee applies)


Duration – 18 minutes


Shaun the Sheep in Concert

Carrot Productions’ second collaboration with the world-famous animators, Aardman.


The show traces Shaun’s origins in A Close Shave up to his present day antics, and is a baa-rilliant romp through his life and adventures. Shaun is a sheep who doesn’t follow the flock. In fact, he leads them into all sorts of scrapes and scraps, turning peace in the valley into mayhem in the meadow! No surprises then when things go awry at the concert too, when Bitzer’s whistle suddenly goes missing.

"This was so magical. Shaun the Sheep with a live orchestra from Carrot Productions… elevated to a whole new level by the most amazing musicians. If you get the chance to go to a performance like this, we’d highly recommend it!"

Instrumentation – | | Timps | Perc | Keys | Harp | Strings | Presenter

Duration – 40 minutes (70 minutes if combined with The Flight Before Christmas)

STS_TFBC_Production Still_06_Christmas_dinner copy.jpg

Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas

In this 30-minute special from Aardman, Shaun – the world's favourite sheep – stars in his very own winter's tale.


Timmy, the youngest of the flock, often gets into scrapes in the TV series, and this tale is no exception. When a farmhouse raid to get bigger stockings goes wrong, Timmy gets carted off to the local Christmas market. The Flock spend the rest of the film trying to get him back, including piling themselves up as a multi-sheep snowman pyramid.

"It’s another hit from Aardman animations, and the live orchestra really adds to the drama and comedy of the film."

"A truly wonderful show: a ‘ewe’-nique performance to prepare us for Christmas."

With no dialogue (other than the occasional ‘baa’) it is visual comedy that is wondrous to behold, and appeals to all ages.

Instrumentation – | | Timps | Perc | Keys | Harp | Strings | Presenter


Duration – 30 minutes

Stand by for Action hire page image.jpg

Stand By for Action

"5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Thunderbirds Are Go!"


Following the sell-out premiere concert at Birmingham Symphony Hall in April 2022, we present a unique concert in partnership with Anderson Entertainment.

"A magnificently larger-than-life creation, like Anderson’s FAB TV shows."

"It was spectacular and at times it almost beggared belief that we were hearing a live performance rather than a newly-remastered studio recording of an undiscovered take of Barry Gray's original music."

Gerry Anderson’s TV series have had a seismic impact on the childhoods of many, thanks to the introduction of ground-breaking special effects, captivating characters, inspirational stories and iconic music scores. The films and music – including Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Space:1999, Terrahawks and many more – are brought to life by a full orchestra, and accompanied by exclusive film footage and newly-restored colour and high-definition content. Stand by for action!

Instrumentation – | | Saxes x 2 | Timps | Perc | Kit | Keys | Synth | Harp | Strings


Duration – 110 minutes (plus interval)


Wallace & Gromit in Concert

Our first collaboration with Aardman, in 2019, Wallace & Gromit in Concert is an award-winning, action-packed, and totally unique show that has been designed to appeal to all ages.

The second half features The Wrong Trousers film with live orchestra, but there’s so much more to enjoy before that in the first half.

We see Wallace & Gromit on the big screen via a video link to their dressing room backstage, where the pair interact with the presenter on the stage through an invention called a Maestromatic. This fantastical contraption comes complete with a plate of cheese and crackers and a chute for receiving letters and compositions from Wallace.

"What a marvellous show. I have never seen children so enthralled listening to an orchestra!"

"Absolutely perfect in every way. It hits all the right notes!"

Instrumentation – | | Timps | Perc | Keys | Harp | Strings | Presenter | cello or violin soloist


Duration – 70 minutes (plus interval)

Pride Classical.jpeg

Pride Classical

The soundtrack to 50 years of love, hope and celebration. 


Over 30 of the best Pride anthems by disco stars, divas and drag queens are brought to life by vocal stars of the stage and screen (such as Alison Jiear, Matt Henry and the irrepressible Danny Beard) and our 32-piece orchestra, featuring the country’s finest musicians from the LGBTQ+ community and allies.


"Filled with vibrant colours of unity, diversity and sheer delight."


"Outstanding night of happiness and incredible music."


Celebrate love in all its forms with this orchestral extravaganza of anthemic melodies fused with irresistible rhythms and evocative lyrics in new orchestral arrangements. 


Equally suitable for traditional concert hall settings as a seated / standing show, as well as festival and standing venues.

Instrumentation – | | Sax | Kit | Perc | Keys | Synth | Guitars x 3 | Harp | Strings | Headline singers x 3 | Backing singers x 4


Duration – 60-130 minutes (bespoke programming available)

The Amazing Maurice 3.jpg

The Amazing Maurice

In partnership with Cantilever Rights, we proudly present the animated feature film, The Amazing Maurice, with live orchestra.


Receiving its premiere performances in April 2023 amidst the magnificence of Alexandra Palace Theatre, London, the Sky Original film is based on Terry Pratchett’s award-winning novel, The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents.


"Absolutely fab, we all loved it! It was truly something special for my children to witness this stunning orchestra and watch a wonderful film all at the same time."


The Amazing Maurice film and orchestral accompaniment is now available for hire to venues and orchestras worldwide. 

Instrumentation – | | Timps | Perc | Keys | Harp | Whistle (opt flute) | Strings


Duration – 93 minutes

Bear performing.jpg

The Bear and the Piano

An enchanting animated film of the award-winning book by David Litchfield. 


This beautifully-illustrated tale of music, friendship, adventure and belonging was first brought to the big screen in 2017, in a film commissioned by Carrot Productions. Perfectly capturing the essence of the original book, it proved an instant hit with audiences of all ages. With mesmerising music by Daniel Whibley, this entrancing creation is quickly becoming a family favourite for the next generation. 

"One of the most beautiful performances we have ever seen."


Instrumentation – | | Timps | Perc | Keys | Harp | Strings

Duration – 15 minutes

MB group.jpg

Musical Beasts!

The perfect series of shows for families, schools and SEND.


Our fun, engaging and interactive shows feature animal stories brought to life through live music, drama, dance and film. Stories include Peter and the Wolf, The Bear and the Piano, The Ugly Duckling and A Donkey’s Tale.


Costumed musicians and dancers entertain with their story-telling, performing family-friendly music superbly composed or arranged by Daniel Whibley. Children have the unique opportunity to experience world-class music-making up close. They can meet the performers afterwards - and even try out some of the instruments!

Musical Beasts! and More Musical Beasts! are available as family concerts and also work brilliantly in both mainstream and special school settings. In addition to the performance, we offer educational settings preparatory in-school workshops and/or online experiences, together with a package of supporting resources. These can enable schools to achieve Arts Award Discovery.

"I can’t praise this experience enough. This has been easily one of the best experiences for our SEN pupils that I have seen."

Available to promoters to hire as a complete performance staged by our musicians.

Duration – 50 minutes

Shaun the Sheep in Concert
The Amazing Maurice
Peter and the Wolf
The Flight Before Christmas
Gerry Anderson
Wallace & Gromit in Concert
Musical Beasts!
Pride Classical
The Ber and the Piano
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