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Schooltime Showtime

Schooltime Showtime is an award-winning package offering streamable versions of our Wallace & Gromit and The Snowman shows to schools.

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What is Schooltime Showtime?

Designed especially for schools looking to provide an educational yet entertaining musical and creative experience for pupils, Schooltime Showtime provides a streamable version of family- friendly films alongside high-quality orchestra footage, as well as an array of supporting and complementary resources.

With a choice between Wallace & Gromit during various term dates, or The Snowman for a more seasonal celebration, Schooltime Showtime is guaranteed to provide smiles and memories galore for pupils aged 5 -18.

The Snowman Tour (Carrot Productions) 18
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The Snowman Tour (Carrot Productions) 18

Artsmark and Arts Award

We are proud to have always placed children and young people at the heart of everything we create. As Artsmark and Arts Award Supporters, our Schooltime Showtime packages provide the perfect platform for schools to develop and celebrate their commitment to the arts and cultural education, helping them to embed creativity and to meet Ofsted’s requirement for schools to maintain a broad and ambitious curriculum.


Through our award-winning Schooltime Showtime programmes, we help schools bring learning to life through the arts, offering exciting and unique opportunities for young people to connect with our experts in the fields of music, film, animation, art and storytelling.

Our partnership ensures schools can access world-class musical performances, artists and resources, equipping pupils with the cultural capital they need to succeed in life and nurture their imagination and creativity.

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