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Musical Beasts: The story so far

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Premiering in late March 2022, Musical Beasts has been staged 28 times already with many more planned in schools and venues across the country in 2023.

Leicestershire Music – Spring 2022

We have been inspired by Leicestershire Music’s forward-thinking and inclusivity. By providing this live music experience for free to all their special schools, we are able to be flexible and offer differentiated performances according to the needs and abilities of the children. The results have been overwhelmingly positive, providing some of the most meaningful and profound responses ever experienced by our musicians, the children and their teachers.

I can’t praise this experience enough. I have worked in SEN and helped to deliver and organise events and performances throughout my teaching career and this has been easily one of the best experiences for our pupils that I have seen.


Glossop – Summer 2022

In June 2022 we staged 4 schools’ performances and one for families as part of Glossop Music Festival. Kindly supported by Derbyshire Music Hub, the children also received an extensive bank of resources to use prior to the performance – including a new song to sing and sign – as well as a live online drawing session with author / illustrator David Litchfield, and an in-person visit from one of our musicians, Naomi Atherton.

The students were engaged from start to finish. They loved the costumes that the performers wore and that they got an opportunity to use some of the instruments at the end.

Having the musicians interact with the audience, walking around off stage and letting the children see them up close was amazing. I loved seeing how mesmerized the kids were having never seen the instruments played so close to them!


What next?

Future engagements include 8 performances at Hull Minster in November 2022, 30 performances across all Derbyshire special schools in early 2023, and appearances at Sandbach Concert Series and Liverpool Tung Auditorium in Spring 2023.


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